CHRISTINA MARVIN, family pastor

Christina will pastor your family right over to Jesus. 'Nuff said.

SHAWN HEISTAND, online pastor

Shawn is cool. He has a beard and an awesome family and a cat. He served in the Army for an amount of time including actual hero stuff in other places. Like I said, Shawn is cool.

RACHEL STAMEY, communications

Rachel has been attending ALFC since 1992. Here's interesting things about Rachel. she loves her job and her family and Jesus, and also m&m's. She has a Bachelors in History and is a certified birth doula.

THERESA TAYLOR, office support

Theresa is almost as cool as Shawn. She will answer your phone calls and reply to your emails and whatnot. She does way more than that, but I am not going to list it all out here. She is passionate about helping women move toward healthy relationships and general awesomeness.

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