During every service and major event at Abundant Life, we provide an environment in which every child will be safe, cared for, and ministered to at his or her level of development. We strive to balance fun and learning, provide age-appropriate snacks, and have a diverse staff of joyous and skilled volunteer teachers and helpers.

Our Offerings for Birth through Pre-K on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights…

Nursery: 6 weeks – 15 months*
Toddler: 15 months* – 2 ½ years (drop off and pick up through the nursery)
Preschool: 2 ½* – Pre-K
*These ages are a guideline only. Each child will be placed in the class that will provide the best fit for his or her developmental stage. 


Check In and Security: Please visit the Early Childhood Welcome Center in the Nursery to sign your child into class for each service. This will assign your family a unique security code, which you’ll need for check-out. In the event that your child’s teacher needs to contact you during service, you will be sent a text message or a Children’s Ministry leader will find you.

Please label any diaper bags, sippy cups, special snacks, etc.

Diapers and Potty: All early childhood rooms are equipped with changing tables. Parents are always welcome to use these facilities for their children even if they are attending the service together as a family. (Please note: There are no diapering facilities in the restrooms.) The preschool room includes a semi-private restroom for children’s use. In the nursery and toddler classes, all children’s diapers will be checked and changed if needed at all services. Please notify the teacher if you do not wish your child’s diaper to be changed. Making sure your child has used the restroom or has a fresh diaper before each service is a great help to our teachers!

Helpful conversations to have with your child’s teacher: Please notify the teacher of any food allergies, medical conditions, special needs, or custody issues before service. You can discuss temporary issues like teething or separation anxiety, also. We want to interact with your child in a way that is effective and familiar for your child—this might look a little different for each child. The more information you share, the more successful we can be.

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