We live in a world bombarded with sexual images and temptation. Walk through any department store, the mall or watch television and you will see hundreds of sexual images and messages. The question is not, "Will I be tempted?" The question is, "What am I going to do when I am tempted!"

This group provides tools, understanding, accountability and support to win the battle that every single man in our world faces... every day. Do not go into battle unarmed, unprepared. The Bible teaches us that "two are better than one, and a threefold cord is not easily broken."

Come join us and be better prepared to live victoriously in a world where Jesus' has declared that the enemy is out to kill, steal and destroy you, your family, your marriage, your community and your witness.

New groups are formed based on interest. Contact us for more information or to participate.


Many women who struggle with love, sex, porn, and relationship addictions are unable to sustain healthy relationships with romantic partners, family members, and friends. We desperately want to feel loved and accepted, but are continually disappointed by relationships. The pain and shame of our unwanted sexual behaviors leads us to a place we never intended.

But there is hope! Through the use of weekly exercises, strategic tools, and a self-care focus, learn how to live in health—how to unravel the messiness of relationships. Discover how lifelong healing comes from a greater understanding of who God is and who He created us to be in Unraveled: Managing Love, Sex, and Relationships.

New groups are formed based on interest. Contact us for more info.


How did he get this way? How can I tell if he is getting better? Can I ever trust him again? What do I do now? The Betrayal & Beyond Workbook was designed to answer these questions and more. Created to be experienced in a group setting, this resource provides valuable tools, biblical wisdom, and testimonies by courageous women who found hope, help, and encouragement through their personal journey.

New groups are formed based on interest. Contact us for more info.

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