December 2, 2018

Zacharias and Elizabeth

Passage: Luke 1:5-25
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Bible Text: Luke 1:5-25 | Pastor: Pastor Steve | Series: Experiencing Christmas | God’s Message Can Be Overwhelming
Luke 1:5-10

The Lord’s timing is always perfect
God’s grace & blessings are NOT based on performance

Luke 1:11-17

We tend to struggle with the issues of fear and doubt

Elizabeth Saw Herself As Barren
Luke 1:13 Do not be afraid, Zachariah. Your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you’re to give him the name John.
Angels Are Spirit Beings Who Live In God’s Presence
They bring God’s messages to people (as here to Mary, 1:26), protect God’s people (Dan 6:22), offer encouragement (Gen 16:7), give guidance (Ex 14:19), carry out punishment (2 Sam 24:16), patrol the earth (Zech 1:9-14), and fight the forces of evil (2 Kings 6:16-18; Rev 20:1-2). There are good and bad angels (Rev 12:7). Bad angels are demons and have less power and authority than good angels. The main role of angels is to offer continuous praise to God (Rev 7:11-12) doing His will and work.
The Promises of the Lord Are Amazing and Challenging

Zacharias received a word from the Lord IN God’s House
Underestimating God is just as serious as rebellion
God does the impossible

Expectations Can Be Good And Bad

Zacharias preferred the safety of doubt over the risk of personal disappointment.
Our ignorance of God’s Word and deep-seated fear creates dys-courage-ment

Skepticism Will Suffocate Faith

Unbelief is when we believe more in ourselves, culture, society, technology, science rather than TRUST in Jesus.
Genuine Faith can look at all of life’s disappointment(s) and heartbreak and still KNOW that this IS NOT all there is and this IS NOT all there’s going to be.

Dynamic Faith Or Static Faith

Experiencing Christmas is learning how to ENLARGE our living space allowing the Lord to do HIS miracle rather than fulfilling our expectations.
Experiencing Christmas is realizing that in spite of our illusion of control over our lives, the Lord loves us and blesses us and provides grace to us.

Luke 1:25 …thus the Lord has dealt with me, in the days when He looked on me, to take away my reproach among people.


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