October 8, 2017

Time To Wake Up!

Passage: Matthew 24
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Bible Text: Matthew 24 | Preacher: Pastor Steve | Series: End Times According to God’s Word
What does the Bible teach about the end times?
God’s Warning
Matthew 24:37-41 When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day. In those days before the flood, the people were enjoying banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat. People didn’t realize what was going to happen until the flood came and swept them all away. That is the way it will be when the Son of Man comes. Two men will be working together in the field; one will be taken, the other left. Two women will be grinding flour at the mill; one will be taken, the other left.
God’s Judgment
Isaiah 13:6-9: Scream in terror, for the day of the Lord has arrived the time for the Almighty to destroy. Every arm is paralyzed with fear. Every heart melts, and people are terrified. Pangs of anguish grip them, like those of a woman in labor. They look helplessly at one another, their faces aflame with fear. For see, the day of the Lord is coming the terrible day of his fury and fierce anger. The land will be made desolate, and all the sinners destroyed with it.
God’s Salvation
Joel 2:32 But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved…
John 3:17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
Are We Ready?
1 Thessalonians 5:2-4 For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, peace and safety! Then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.
Be Watchful
Matthew 24:42 …so you, too, must keep watch! For you don’t know what day your Lord is coming.
Matthew 16:1-4 …You are good at reading the weather signs in the sky, but you can’t read the obvious signs of the times…the only sign I will give them is the sign of the prophet Jonah…
Be Ready
Matthew 24:43-44 Understand this: If a homeowner knew exactly when a burglar was coming, he would keep watch and not permit his house to be broken into. You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.
Be Faithful
Matthew 24:45-51 A faithful, sensible servant is one to whom the master can give the responsibility of managing his other household servants and feeding them. If the master returns and finds that the servant has done a good job, there will be a reward. I tell you the truth; the master will put that servant in charge of all he owns. But what if the servant is evil and thinks, my master won’t be back for a while, and he begins beating the other servants, partying, and getting drunk? The master will return unannounced and unexpected…
Procrastination Is Dangerous
Revelation 14:15-16 Then another angel came from the Temple and shouted to the one sitting on the cloud, Swing the sickle, for the time of harvest has come; the crop on earth is ripe. So the one sitting on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth, and the whole earth was harvested.
We Are Accountable To The Lord
Be Patient
Romans 11:25-26 I want you to understand this mystery, dear brothers and sisters, so that you will not feel proud about yourselves. Some of the people of Israel have hard hearts, but this will last only until the full number of Gentiles comes to Christ. And so all Israel will be saved.
God’s Timing Is Perfect
2 Peter 3:8-10 But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day. The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief…
Put On The Armor
Romans 13:11-14 And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.

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