June 26, 2016


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Preacher: Guest Speaker | Series: Breakthrough
Snowstorm Selfie
Overlooking Sarajevo
Palits and Jurjeviches
Fentje teaching
Easter Sunday in Sarajevo
Dragan with Fentje and Esther
The Big Five
Sarajevo-mosques are central
The Four
Sandrina and Esther
Lamb Dinner
Only One Chinese Restaurant-Sarajevo
Muslim Cemetery
Ephesus International Church-Selcuk
Pastor Mike and Jim
Bashak, my Interpreter
Sargin and Mirhan-shopkeepers in Selcuk
Mihail-lunch is served-St. John’s Café, Selcuk
Stork in Selcuk
Akef-The Parrot Whisperer of Istanbul
Akef is smiling!

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