Sunday Pre-K Pods 11am
Every week on Sunday until Feb 28, 2021 from 11:00a to 12:15p
Organizer: Christina Marvin

ALFC Sunday Pods Season: Jan 10—Feb 28, 2021
Sunday Pod Options: 9am or 11am
Registration required:
What is this? Sunday Pods are small groups of students and ALFC  volunteers meeting in person during Sunday services for Christ-centered education. Kids ages pre-k (not in diapers or pull ups please) through 5th grade enjoy learning games, Bible literacy skills, and discovering the truths of God’s Word.
How much does this cost? Sunday Pods have zero fees to attend.
What about the pandemic? ALFC follows Kitsap County guidelines  regarding the use of masks, health screenings, physical distancing, no sharing of food or materials, hand washing, and room sanitization between groups. Each Pod is kept as a closed group during the Pod season to minimize exposure from others.
Can I choose which Sunday service I would like my child to attend? Yes, as long as space is available. Once Pods begin meeting, enrollment will close until the next Pod season.
Can we switch Pods or bring a friend to Pod? Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate switching Pods or bringing guests once Pods have begun meeting. Part of the benefit of a Pod is maintaining the same population to minimize outside exposure.
Are Co-op and Pods the same thing? Pods meet during services on Sundays. Co-op meets either on Wednesdays or Thursdays for 3 hours and includes grades 6-12.
Can my child attend both a Pod and Co-op? Yes, as long as you have registered your child ahead of time. See other side for Co-op info.
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