Sex, Gender and The Church Men's Breakfast
Nov 16, 2019 at 8:30 AM
Organizer: Ken Templeton

"We do not want to be known for our stance on ‘the issue of homosexuality’ rather we want to be known as people who serve and love ALL people, introducing them to Jesus so they can know Him as their Savior and Lord."

Does your sexuality matter to God? 

We will reason together: 
Present common arguments against a faith in God and Christ that you will hear
Provide some responses or rebuttals to those common arguments
Provide you tools and resources to find answers on your own
Help you use this information to share Christ rather than win arguments (be winsome)

Saturday November 16th @ 0830 am
ALFC Sanctuary
Cost $5
Open to all Men, also open to Middle School and above with an adult male.

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