Prayer Assault in the High Places
Nov 9, 2019 at 8:30 AM
Organizer: Deanna Walker

Everyone will meet in the New Sanctuary at 8:30 am to receive instructions, connect with their team leader and carpool to their destination to pray. People will be divided up into teams with leaders. The team leaders will be assigned the high place location they will be leading. Each of the teams will head out in cars, vans or bus etc. to the 9 pre-selected high places and pray as the Lord leads in addition to suggested prayer points that will be handed out to each team. 

After the mission is complete the teams will head back to the New Sanctuary by 12pm where water and snacks/pizza will be provided. We will briefly share the experience, words received from the Lord etc. We will pray and worship in celebration and declaration that our prayers are heard and God is moving on our behalf in His way and His timing.

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