Fall Fest @ Naval Avenue
October 24, 2019. All day
Organizer: Christina Marvin

Thursday, October 24, 2019, 1-3:30 pm; 5-7pm
Location:  Naval Avenue Early Learning Center gym
Purpose:  Provide ALFC family the opportunity to serve the Naval Avenue school community with a fun, uplifting family event. Main target for volunteers: parents and their children to serve their community as a family. Also a potential team building opportunity for individual ministries or small groups.

  • Free admission
  • Day-fest will be provided for kids during the school day, 1:45-3:15pm. ~10 activity stations.
  • School families will be invited to attend the night-fest between 5-7pm.  ALFC will provide the bulk of volunteers.
  • Candy/prizes will be given out at each station. Candy donations will be solicited in the ALFC foyer and Cafe.
  • ALFC security attendants will be on hand. Parents will be expected to stay with their children, especially preschoolers. This is not a babysitting event.
  • Popcorn machine will be manned for free snacks.
  • Faith neutral booth decoration and games except for large ALFC booth.
  • setup/cleanup crew will clean and reset the gym