But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.


I used to think I didn’t have a “testimony.” (That’s the word for the story about how you came to know Jesus.) I asked Jesus into my heart at five years old and pretty much never looked back. I may not have a “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” testimony, but I do have a testimony. And it’s not boring.

The first time I had to tell my story with Jesus in front of people was when I was 19 or 20 and serving as a camp counselor. I had spent hours sitting in front of a blank computer screen, telling myself how boring I was. Jesus didn’t really “save” me from anything, I thought to myself. Of course, I knew that wasn’t technically true, but it sure felt true in that moment.

After praying about it a little more, God kind of punched me in the face (in a good way). He made me realize what He actually saved me from. What life would I have lived if I didn’t start following Him at an early age? What life would I have lived if my parents and grandparents didn’t know Him? Short version: I’d be a pretty horrible person without Jesus in my life. All the “desires of the flesh”—the stuff that feels good in the moment but goes against God’s law—would have won. I would have grown up living for myself—and only myself. But Jesus saved me from that life before I even lived it.

(Turns out, this was a pretty powerful moment in the lives of some of the teenagers at camp. But it was an even-more-powerful moment for me.)

I follow Jesus, and I still sin. Sometimes the flesh wins. That happens to all of us, whether we’ve been walking with Jesus for a few days or a few decades. We all deserve death, but our stories don’t end there. That’s the beauty of today’s verse. It’s done. He did His part. He didn’t wait for us to deserve it, ask for it, or even know about it!

Jesus died for me, a sinner. I don’t deserve it; He just loves me!


Have you ever shared your testimony, your story with Jesus, with your kids? Take some time to do that today. Make space for questions and “rabbit trails.” You might be surprised how interested your kids are in this! Keep the big picture focused on God and what He did for you.


  1. In what way(s) did you sin in the last week or so? It could be big or little, a thought or a behavior. Unless you have already done so, take a moment to ask forgiveness. Thank God that you don’t have to earn salvation. Sit in that gratitude for a minute.
  2. Would you characterize your relationship with God as a “friendship” (v. 10), and are you “rejoicing” in it (v.11)? Why or why not? If necessary, ask God to help you rekindle these feelings.
  3. When’s the last time you shared your testimony? When’s the last time you even really thought about it? Spend some time in prayer, asking the Lord to help you to clarify your story and then to share it.

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