Guatemala Missions Trip
September 25, 2017. All day
Organizer: Gail Webb

Abundant Life Church is sending a Global Outreach Team (GO Team) to Guatemala City. We’re sending the team to continue to fulfill the Lord’s call to go, connect with, and love the people of the world. The majority of the team’s time will be spent at Jackie’s School in the La Isla community.
To prepare for the trip, the GO Team will go through training and discipleship teaching as they get to know each other and bond as a team.

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More About Jackie’s School
Jackie’s School was founded by Jackie Carson in 2005. For many years, Jackie made this her full time ministry, living six months of the year at the school. She served as the school administrator and teacher. She taught in the kids’ classrooms as well as an adult class learning English. She also taught a weekly women’s Bible study. Jackie retired from this ministry in the fall of 2016.
In October 2016, Pastor Craig and Wendy Maki took over the administration of the school and Abundant Life Church adopted Jackie’s School. They moved the school to a new location and doubled its size. The almost 70 children who attend, love school, and seldom miss a day.
Pastor Craig and Wendy have made many trips to Guatemala over the years to help Jackie in the classroom, to love on the kids, and to work on the school building and grounds. This will be Abundant Life’s third GO Team that Pastor Craig has brought to Jackie’s School.

Potbelly Cook Stoves
The current cooking arrangement for most Guatemalan families has poor ventilation and is often an open fire situation, leaving a residue in the air in their homes that harms the lungs of infants and small children. The team will install 3-4 potbelly-type cook stoves with external ventilation. As well as improving the air quality for the family, these stoves are safer, use less wood, and are more efficient than the current open cooking fire. The team will buy the stoves as a kit in Guatemala and be taught how to install them.

La Isla
The community of La Isla is a piece of land surrounded by cliffs—it’s like an island.  It’s a very poor community of multi-family and multi-generation, 2-room dwellings with roofs, walls, and concrete or dirt floors. Most of the adults leave daily to go into Guatemala City to work at whatever jobs they can find each day, via a minimum of a 30-minute bus ride. The older kids take care of the younger kids. Rice and beans are their staple foods. Sometimes they have money to buy a chicken to eat.

The goals of GO Team Guatemala:

  • Work at Jackie’s School:
    • Pour concrete patio
    • Paint exterior walls
    • Hook up water to service line
    • Help in classrooms and love on the kids
    • Help close out the school for the year (organize, pack and store supplies, general cleaning)
    • Hold outreach event at the school
  • Install 3-4 cook stove as pilots for future systems
  • Ministry opportunities at local church
  • Install water purification systems

Stats about Guatemala:
Population: 15,189,000
Total Area: 108,889 sq km
Slightly smaller area than Pennsylvania
Capital: Guatemala City
Climate: Tropical; hot, humid in lowlands; cooler in highlands
Language: Spanish
Economy: More than half of the population is below the national poverty line.